The Karaköy Pier

The Karaköy Pier

Location : 41.021808,28.976719
By car : 20 minutes

The Karaköy Pier is located on the European side, on the northern tip of the Golden Horn, and functions as an important and busy passenger and cargo transportation hub. The ferryboats that depart from the Karaköy Pier travel to Odessa, Yalta, Sevastopol, Kherson, Eupatoria, Novorossiysk-Ukraine and Constanţa-Romania in the Black Sea/Crimean direction. The large and luxurious cruise ships that make stops to various Mediterranean hot spots such as, Athens- Greece, Dubrovnik-Croatia, Civitavecchia (Rome) and Venice-Italy, also make a stop at the Karaköy Pier.

Karaköy district.